Xeriscape Ideas For Your Home

Xeriscape Ideas For Your Home

Tiered Water Fountain XierscapesXeriscaping is a great idea in these times of uncertain weather patterns because it reduces the need for extra irrigation in a landscaping design.

Besides planning a garden or landscape this way to protect the environment and save water, you can also save yourself from some work, and possibly, you can enjoy cost savings.

What is a xeriscape? First, consider a definition: It is landscaping that is based upon a reduced need for irrigation.

That is the most basic definition, but it usually also involves the idea or reducing the need for chemicals.

Where Are Xeriscape Ideas Most Important?

This concept is most important in areas that don’t have good supplies of fresh water. It evolved in very dry climates.

However, the idea is also getting popular in other places as water becomes more expensive and seasonal or periodic dry periods occur.

In this way, a xeriscape is an alternative to a traditional way of planning landscaping or a garden.

What are good xeriscape ideas in your part of the country? Most folks focus on native crops that naturally thrive in their part of the country without a lot of supplemental water.

For example, the idea of planting very thirsty palm trees in a typically dry area would not be part of this concept.

It is sort of misconception that no additional water will be needed. Even native plants need some water, but most supplemental water comes when plants are very young.

After they have developed a deep root system, they should be able to thrive with little extra water.

For some, a good way to collect this supplemental water is with a rain barrel that collects water when it does rain to use for dry periods when plants seem to appear extra thirsty.

Another part of the concept is also to reduce or eliminate chemicals and pesticides from a garden or landscape.

This means that plant beds should get created and replenished from natural mulch if possible.

If insects are a problem, there are some natural ways to keep them away. Certain herbs repel insects, and there are also non-toxic chemicals that can be purchased.

The final concept in a good Xeriscape is to create the landscaping or garden, so that it naturally retains as much water as possible.

This is accomplished by naturally sculpting beds to keep the rain or supplemental water within the plant beds as long as possible, so it is not lost to the soil or evaporated back into the air.

Xeriscape Ideas

The Advantages Of Xeriscape At Your Home

It is pretty obvious that the main function of a xeriscape is to preserve precious water resources. However, people who rely upon this design ideas will also reap other benefits. For example, you can enjoy lower costs by relying upon native plants that already flourish in your natural soil and environment.

Beyond that, keeping up with a landscape like this should require less work. Instead of constantly battling native plants, you will work with them. In this way, a xeriscape just makes good sense.

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