Rose of Sharon Hibiscus Tree

Details on Rose of Sharon

Rose of SharonRose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub and is highly popular due to its biblical name. This name alone is a reason many people are attracted to it. Yet, what is the proper way of growing this plant and ensuring it blossoms as desired? There are many details to consider when it comes to this particular shrub. You have to be patient with it, but this is certainly one of the more beautiful options out there. It is pleasant to the eye and most people will remark that it is one of the finest shrubs they have seen. Let’s take a look at how to grow the ‘Rose of Sharon’ and what it is all about.

Rose of Sharon Description

Let’s begin with how it looks. It is a nice, gentle shrub that has a pleasant appearance to it. This will end up growing to be about 10′ tall and around 6-7′ wide, but that can vary from shrub to shrub.

The blooms can also vary in color with some of them coming through as lavender, while others are more of a lightish blue. This type of variation is part of the appeal that comes with the Rose of Sharon.

Soil and Sun

What type of sun and soil requirements are needed for the shrub to grow as required? There are specific requirements, but when taken care of it will grow as required.

The soil has to be properly drained before planting a Rose of Sharon. You have to make sure the sun is fully accessible for the shrub otherwise it will not grow and could even end up depleting over time.

A lot of fungus can develop when the sun and soil requirements are not adhered to, so you have to be careful at all times.

Pruning Tips for Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Reh Hearted Rose of SharonWhat about pruning these shrubs? How will they look in the long-term and what should you be doing to ensure they are not falling apart at the first sign of pressure?

Pruning should be done in a meticulous fashion. The idea is to time the pruning to perfection order to get great results.

This means you should be pruning later on in the winter and early into spring. This is the time period where pruning should be happening to get the results that you are craving.

Additional Tips

You should be looking to remain patient with these shrubs because they can take time to grow. They will not always bloom right away and can go deeper into spring before they come to life and truly show their beauty.

Pay attention to the little seedlings that can become a problem from time to time. Those who are specific about the aesthetics of the shrub will have to pull these seedlings out before they cause more damage. Be careful when you are doing this, but the results will come if you are meticulous.

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