Fall Season Plant Care

Fall Season Plant Care For Novices

Fall Season Plant Care Beautiful Bouquet Of Red ChrysanthemumsAs we come into the colder seasons of the year, it only makes sense that a novice gardener will want to know about fall season plant care.

However, most resources out there only talk about caring for a garden in the spring and summer. After all, this is when most people are trying to grow plants and even food. But did you know that you still need to take care of your garden even in the fall and winter? It’s true! You can’t just leave your garden to fend for itself.

Top Tips for Fall Season Plant Care

Below, we take a look at our top tips to help you have a healthy garden even through the coldest months, whether you’re continuing to grow or waiting for it to turnover for spring.

1. Keep It Watered

Most people think that after their final harvest of the year they don’t have to water their garden anymore. This isn’t further from the truth. While letting the rain keep your garden wet is an option, if you enter a dry spell during the winter you need to make sure you get your yard watered.

Keeping the garden watered even in the off season keeps your soil fresh and healthy. It also gives the evergreen plants the nutrition they need to get through the cold snaps of the winter.

2. Keep Debris Clear

Even after harvest, your plants may continue to grow. This is especially true for those pesky roots that keep growing. Not to mention the winter storms that cause debris to fall into your yard.

When this happens, it’s important to keep the ground clear of weeds and debris. This way nothing will overrun your garden come spring. It will also keep the roots of your shrubs and trees free and healthy.

3. Plant Your Shrubs And Evergreens

Early to mid fall is the perfect time to start planting those shrubs and evergreens. This will let their roots take hold before the cold and frost settle in for the winter. This is perfect for gardeners who want to keep busy in the colder months. Fall season plant care isn’t just about taking care of existing plants, but also putting in some new ones.

4. Continue To Add Compost

You’re going to keep producing compost materials during the winter, so it only makes sense to keep adding your compost to your garden. This will help prepare your soil for next growing season. While you’re at it, don’t forget to til the soil every once in a while.

5. Dig Up Your Summer Bulbs

Want to preserve your flowers to make sure they grow well next year? Dig them up and keep your tender bulbs in peat moss or even sand. Make sure they stay cool, but not too cold. You don’t even have to dig up your bulbs if you live in a warm winter area or have hardy bulbs.

Fall season plant care is pretty easy. The difficult part is remember to keep up your garden maintenance even in the off season. But with some winter tender loving care, your plants will be ready to go this coming spring.

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Fall Season Plant Care

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