DIY Projects For Landscape Timbers

DIY Projects For Landscape Timbers

A good landscaping job can improve the market value of any home, but professional landscaping companies are very expensive. However, a DIY landscaper can do a lot of good work with DIY landscape timbers. Consider some popular projects that you can do in order to improve your yard.

Eight Foot Landscape Timbers

Eight feet long is a pretty standard size that are useful for a variety of projects. You can choose if you want to buy these boards sealed, finished, or raw. If you buy them raw, and you intend to use them for a garden bed, you may want to seal them yourself to enjoy a longer lifespan from your project.

If you prefer, you can also buy five or six foot long timbers for smaller projects. The right size depends upon the size of your yard and project.

Raised Vegetable Gardens And Flower Beds

Landscape timbers that are eight feet long are prefect for making raised flower beds and vegetable gardens. These timbers provide an edge to keep soil inside of a raised garden. This helps keep the weeds out, and it will make your gardening efforts more productive. The investment in timbers will be bound to pay off in more produce, bigger flowers, and less need for chemicals.

Besides adding a valuable vegetable or flower garden, the timbers themselves become part of the landscaping. The right timbers can blend with almost any type of landscaping scheme. Using these timbers is probably the easiest way to enjoy a raised flower or vegetable garden.

Enclose A Child’s Playground

Another good DIY landscaping project is putting a border around a child’s playground. This area might be filled in with sand or another soft surface to help prevent injuries.

Frame A Backyard Deck

Finally, some people even use these cut timbers to frame a deck. Decks are great because they can provide a good outdoor living space and reduce the area of your lawn that you have to mow. This is valuable, and timbers that are already cut provide a great solution.

What To Expect When Purchasing Timbers For Landscaping

The timbers should be of a very uniform size. A few may be longer or shorter, but a qualify source should sell very uniform products. Look through the batch to spot bad boards. If you buy a few extras, you can always salvage the errors for braces or other uses, but most boards should be usable.

The boards should be very strong. Many people use 5 inch Lock screws to hold the boards in place, and it is important to be able to take a drill bit without breaking up. In any case, it is always better to shop around for a quality source that will guarantee that you get good value when you purchase these timbers.

Enjoy the ease of working with timbers when you have a landscaping project. Your neighbors will be shocked when you tell them that you managed the whole project yourself in a very short time.

DIY Landscape Timbers

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