Best Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Best Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

landscaping ideas for small yardsAre you a green thumb garden enthusiast that’s stuck with a small yard? That’s okay! You can transform a tiny outdoor space into a gorgeous garden oasis with these landscaping ideas for small yards.

The most important part of landscaping in a smaller space is designing to scale. You can use contrasting wood and stone fillers to create multiple zones of interest in a small yard. Simply shrinking a larger plan can sometimes yield interesting results.

Pay attention to the long-term behavior of the plants you choose. You’ll want to use dwarf conifers and other well-behaved plants that won’t overgrow. That way they won’t end up overwhelming the available space.

Other Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

You can make a small garden feel larger by playing with perspective. Use parallel lines converging to a point to make distances feel further away. Use smaller objects at the edge of the garden and larger ones in the front and center to achieve the same effect.

You can also make a space feel larger by drawing the view along the diagonal of the property. This is going to be a longer line than width or depth. Use a diagonal path to trace a zigzag across your garden, which causes the eye to linger on the plantings.

You also use this diagonal effect for patios, too. Tile and slate patterns can be made to work along the diagonal. This will elongate the dimensions of the stones and make the space feel bigger.

Decide whether you want your garden made for plants or for usability. A small garden with lots of plants might only leave room for seating for your family, and not have space for extra chairs for guests. If you want a party space in your garden, cut down on the clutter and have fewer plants to allow for more seating.

You can still grow vegetables and fruit in your small garden by throwing out the concept of straight planted rows. Instead, put your vegetables into otherwise forgotten corners. Mix your producing plants in with your landscaping by using raised beds or pots. You can also use stonework to make a vegetable garden look ornamental.

Pay attention to vertical as well as horizontal spaces. Not only does vertical planting give you more room for plants in a small garden, it also increases the perceived scale of the space. Using trailing herbs can give your garden or courtyard a touch of Mediterranean flare.

In a small space, using large planters can be overwhelming. Instead, break your plants up into several smaller pots. You can place these pots on top of a wall or other stonework, or include some garden shelving to hold your planters.

Don’t let having a small garden get between you and your gardening dream. There are plenty of great landscaping ideas for small yards that will let you turn your tiny space into a dream garden. Just make use of the ideas in this article to turn your yard into a garden your neighbors will covet.

Landscaping ideas for small yards

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